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Websites designed from the ground-up for your business

We design beautiful, easy-to-use websites that help your business grow online. Whether you have a small local shop or a large corporate business, no project is too big or too small.

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Your website is built to perform well and look good on all devices

These days there are so many devices – and that’s why it’s important that your website looks good on all of them. We build all our sites with responsive design, meaning that the site sizes itself to each and every device automatically.

We can develop all of the features you need for your business website

Take a look at just a few, of the many things, we can do on your website.

Generate Customer Leads

We design a website geared towards gaining you new customers. With integrated web forms and click-to-call buttons, customers will find it easy to reach you; and your business will gain leads because of it.

Live Chat

What if a customer is visiting your website and wants an answer right away? If your website had a Live Chat feature, they could send you a quick message. Offering a Live Chat feature is great for your businesses customer service.


Websites are like computers – they can be hacked. So, wouldn’t it make sense to have security built-in to your website? We think so. That’s why each of our websites has layers of security installed to ensure your customers are safe and that no sensitive information is lost.

Free Hosting

Your business website is stored on a server. In most cases, in order to host your website, you’d have to purchase a yearly hosting plan through companies like GoDaddy or Network Solutions. When we design your website, however, we include website hosting at no charge to you!

Online Stores

Sell your products or downloads 24/7 on your website. An online store, also known as E-Commerce, is the best way to reach your customers and make money. The best part is it can be physical and/or digital products.

Take Payments

Do you want to offer a quick, easy way for customers to pay you online? We can integrate online credit card payments into your website for one-time and monthly payments. Heck, we even have this built into our website for our clients.

Website Report

We prepare and email you a Monthly Website Report. You’ll know everything about your website: how many people visit, what people look at most, what cities people visit from, and much more. It’s a thorough report that will give you insights into your business online.

Automated Backups

What if your website broke? What if your website was hacked? What if you just wanted to change a page on your site back to how you had it a few days ago? All of our websites have an automated backup feature, where your website is backed up every single day.

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Hear what it’s like to work with us, from businesses like yours

Choosing a web design & digital marketing agency can be tough. Hear from people, just like you, that chose Web Centre for their digital marketing needs.

Web Centre did a great job of doing some unique things on our website: The ability for people to donate to the campaign, people can sign up to volunteer, we send email updates about the campaign. I think this was the first political site they’ve ever done, and I’ve got political people telling me, that’s one of the nicest websites they’ve ever seen.

Kevin Daley
Politician & Former State Representative

Web Centre does a really great job. They’re budget-conscious. They’re results oriented. I highly recommend them. For me to make a recommendation to somebody I need to be assured that whomever is doing the work for them is going to do a good job, because my reputation’s on the line. I never have a problem recommending Web Centre to businesses.

Paul J. Goyette
Attorney at Law, Flint

Web Centre created my website for my Dog Daycare, boarding and grooming business! They surpassed all of my expectations! Went above and beyond, doing more than I asked for and are always available when I send them a message! Highly recommended and I personally won’t go anywhere else!

Michelle Goetz
The Four Paws Hotel & Day Resort


Incredible projects we’ve worked with businesses on

A comprehensive portfolio showcasing web design
projects we’ve worked with local businesses on.


Paul J. Goyette, Attorney at Law

Web Design

Louie’s Sports Tavern

Web Design

Brady’s Business Systems

Web Design


Customer service is central to everything we do

Great customer service is hard to come by. At Web Centre, we place a special focus on providing the best service that we can. That focus has earned us a 5-Star Rating and Customer Service Award in Web Design from City Beat News – an independent research group.

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