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Sell your products, services, and take payments at any time – all from within your own custom website.


Sell your products directly on your website

It’s never been easier to sell your products (or digital downloads) online. We can create an online store for your business, manage inventory, and auto-calculate shipping in real-time. The best part: your website allows your business to sell your products 24/7, 365 online.

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With a built-in dashboard, it’s easy to manage your orders

View your sales, recent orders, and details of each transaction via a private dashboard on your website. This dashboard allows you to manage orders, print transactions, and view details on the performance of your store.


Don’t worry about shipping costs – your site does it for you

You never have to worry about figuring out the cost of shipping your products. Our online stores connect via API Integration with the most popular shipping carriers to automatically calculate the cost of shipping for customers while they checkout.


Your customers can manage their orders within their account

Your customers are given an account, that they can access, in order to: view their orders, see shipping information, download products (if you offer digital downloads) and much more.


Sell digital products & downloads on your website

Not every business sells physical products. Maybe you want to sell digital products, like powerpoint files or excel spreadsheets. Maybe you want to sell video or audio files as downloads. Whatever digital products your business offers – you can sell them on your website.


Make it easy for your customers or donors to pay online

Customers like to have an easy way to pay online; and your business will love the convenience of it. Imagine sharing a link with your donors or offering your customers a quick way to pay their invoice online. It’s that easy – and it can integrate right into your website.

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Customer Reviews

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Web Centre did a great job of doing some unique things on our website: The ability for people to donate to the campaign, people can sign up to volunteer, we send email updates about the campaign. I think this was the first political site they’ve ever done, and I’ve got political people telling me, that’s one of the nicest websites they’ve ever seen.
Kevin Daley
Politician & Former State Representative
Web Centre does a really great job. They’re budget-conscious. They’re results oriented. I highly recommend them. For me to make a recommendation to somebody I need to be assured that whomever is doing the work for them is going to do a good job, because my reputation’s on the line. I never have a problem recommending Web Centre to businesses.
Paul J. Goyette
Attorney at Law
Web Centre created my website for my Dog Daycare, boarding and grooming business! They surpassed all of my expectations! Went above and beyond, doing more than I asked for and are always available when I send them a message! Highly recommended and I personally won’t go anywhere else!
Michelle Goetz
The Four Paws Hotel & Day Restort


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