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SINCE 2009

Our goal has always been to help businesses grow online

We are an innovative digital marketing agency, based in Lapeer, Michigan, focused on helping businesses grow online.

Years of Experience

Our business dates back to 2009, so you can trust we will be here, with you, for the long-haul.

Rooted in Knowledge

We have the online ‘tools’, solutions, and expertise that your business needs in order to grow online.

A Dedicated Team

We have a whole team dedicated and working to help your business achieve its goals online.


Every company has a mission – a reason for which they do business.
At our core, we have 3 reasons why we do what we do.


You know great design when you see it. It’s instinctive. There isn’t much that drives us more than great design. Great design can showcase a company’s product or service perfectly. Design is at the root of everything that we do at Web Centre.

Out of the Box

We always hear the same things about web design & digital marketing companies: poor design or poor customer service. Our goal is to think different – to alter what is known as the status-quo in our industry. To change anything, you have to think unlike anyone has thought before. We have chosen to pave our own way in the industry.


In technology, and certainly in this internet-age, things are always changing, adjusting, and moving to the “next big thing”. A company that provides services based around these technologies should be just as innovative. That’s why we never stop moving and never get comfortable with what we have to offer businesses.


Meet the incredible team at Web Centre

Robert Norcross

Founder & CEO

Robert started Web Centre as a freshman in college, at the young age of 19. For him the goal has always been the same: to design great websites and give great customer service.

Braden Simpson

Account Manager

Braden is the longest-tenured team member at Web Centre and is an Account Manager, specializing in sales and customer support.

Israel Roberson

I.T. Manager

Israel is the head of I.T. on our team and is A+ Certified, Network+ Certified, has a Penetration Testing Certification and is trained in Kali Linux Security OS.

Wei Li Crawford

Marketing Consultant

Wei Li provides incredible works in both videography and photography for our clients and for Web Centre’s marketing materials.

We’re always looking for talent!

Got what it takes to work with us? Great! Send us a message on our contact page with a link to your resumé or portfolio for us to look at.