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Google PPC Advertising

Show engaging ads to customers that are searching for your products and services on Google.


Reach customers looking for your products and services right now

We can help you reach thousands of potential customers actively searching on Google. Advertising on Google is ultra-targeted, which means ads for your business are seen by people looking for your products and services.

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Instantly drive traffic to your website by keyword searches

When a potential customer is looking for your product or service, they will type keywords (or phrases) into Google search. Customers, everyday are performing hundreds, if not thousands, of searches related to your business. We want to make sure your business is the first one that customer sees when they search.


Advertise on millions of websites to people interested in your business

With display advertising, we can place image, text, or video ads directly into a network of millions of websites, including: YouTube, CNN, TechCrunch and more. The best part is these ads are displayed to customers interested in your products or services. That way customers see your ads even when navigating other websites.


Relevant pages with information related to the customers search

When a customer clicks on one of your advertisements, we make sure that they are taken to a page on your website that has relevant content on it. For example, if you’re selling a specific brand of shoe, wouldn’t it make sense to take the user to a page that sells that brand of shoe? Each advertisement we run has relevant pages on your website to match.


Know how well your ads are performing for your business

The most important piece to running your ads is knowing how well they performed. Each month you will receive a customized performance report that outlines how well your ads performed, what the ads looked like, how users interacted with your ads, and much more.

Reviews of our services

What Businesses Are Saying


“Web Centre has gone above & beyond to meet our needs on a continual basis. With a fast growing business, we needed a reliable website developer. We would recommend Web Centre to any business looking to grow; they will be with you every step of the way!"

Owners, Hosford Swim School


“They designed an amazingly beautiful, simple & professional site for my practice. In our first few meetings, they were mainly interested in getting to know me as an individual and as a professional, to ensure that the product would be a good reflection of me."

Barbara Uchino, Ph.D.

Licensed Counseling Psychologist


"Web Centre helped me with my new business by creating amazing advertisement materials, my new logo has been getting great feedback and is the perfect fit for my business, it’s helping me generate more business and that’s so exciting!"

Owner, J-Town Nutrition


“They’re results oriented. I highly recommend them. Web Centre does a really good job of helping me grow my law firm. They’re budget conscious - which I think is great. They’re results oriented. I never have a problem recommending Web Centre to businesses."

Attorney at Law


“Its been nothing but good news, smiles, & helpfulness! That's a big benefit to them. I’m hoping that this is something that we will be doing together as long as i am in business. It’s always very quick responses and great service from their team."

Owner, The Four Paws Hotel & Day Resort


“I always have compliments that my site is so user-friendly. My website was actually the first political website that Web Centre has ever designed and I have political people telling me that it’s the nicest and most user-friendly website that they’ve ever seen!"

State Senator for the 31st District in Michigan

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