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Customize and buy a garage door – all online. That was the simple idea that Dover & Company wanted to achieve with their new website. Garage doors, and all the features, parts, pieces that go along with it, can be complex. The website needed to make those complexities simple.

Dover & Company was founded in 1936 by Wilfred C. (Bill) Dover in Flint, Michigan. After many generations, Dover & Company has remained committed to serving Mid-Michigan by producing the highest quality of products to our community. In the past few years they have grown their business to cover more areas, have bought out competitors in the area, and have expanded to offer more products. That growth produced the need to be able to reach more customers. Those customers, as Dover & Company pointed out, are online.

The team at Web Centre built Dover & Company a brand-new website to allow their customers to shop for a garage door & garage door openers on their website. A customer can select the type of door they like, then customize and add all of the features that the like. Then add it to their cart, checkout & pay, and then Dover schedules an appointment to install the door. Simple as that. This allows Dover & Company to be “open” 24/7, 365. Letting their customers shop & see prices at any time in their search for a garage doors and garage door openers.

About the project, Owner Chuck Richards said, “Web Centre is way more then a website developer they truly help your business grow! I can’t say enough good things about Robert and is team.”

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