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Can Your Customers Pay Online?

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56% of all bills are paid online. This means that customers love to have an easy, convenient way to pay their bills via a company’s website. Imagine sending your customers an invoice with a way for them to quickly pay for it right on your website. Not only is it an added benefit for customers doing business with you, but it’s also a convenience for your business.

Simply put, if you have a website your customers should be able to pay you online. Never in the history of the internet has it been easier – and more inexpensive for your business – to quickly add the ability to take payments from customers online. Whether you’re a products-based business or a service-based business – or a little of both – you can accept payments via your website.


Take Payments On Your Website

If you’re a service-based business, typically you’re having customers sign up for recurring monthly payments or invoicing your customers for your services. The quickest way to get paid for those services is for them to be able to pay that invoice immediately online.

For example, we take payments on our website (see here: Customers have the ability to make a one-time payment or to sign-up for recurring monthly payments – in a simple and easy way. It’s very convenient for the customer.


Results: We found as a company we get paid much faster when you give the option to quickly pay an invoice via credit card online, without the help of a person. We added Online Bill Pay to our own company website 12 months ago and so far we’ve seen one big thing:
On average, customers have paid 7 days quicker than they did prior to us having this feature. That means that customers pay invoices quicker when they can do so conveniently online.

You Don’t Have to Do Anything: What’s great is depending on the credit card processing company that you utilize for this – you never touch a thing. You send the customer an invoice. The customer pays that invoice on your website. The customer’s payment goes into your credit card processing company and then your credit card processing company automatically puts it into your business bank account. Simple as that.

It takes you from having to do several steps – to the entire process being automated. Just send out the invoice and your done.


A Full Online Store For Your Business

Let’s say you’re a products-based business and you have individual products that you sell at your store. We can create a full-blown eCommerce website for you. Within your website we can have a full shop that has all of your products, has a cart, has shipping options, and has taxes automatically built-in. Your customers can have accounts on your website – where they can track their orders, packages out for delivery, and save a credit card on their account for quick reordering. It’s great for your business because it’s like having your store doors open 24/7, 365.

You also have full-management of your online store. You get emails when people purchase products on your website: so you know what’s bought, what you need to ship out, what to set aside for taxes, and much more. You also can set product stock, so the websites knows how much you have of each product in stock and your website will automatically take products off the website when you sell out of it.


There’s a lot of avenues for your business to quickly get paid online via your website – And all of the technology is there and easy to implement. My big question is: if you are a business selling products or services – which is all businesses – then why can’t your customers pay you online? You customers will love the convenience and it will help your business get paid faster! rachel loves to please.