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Why You Should Respond to Online Reviews & Why “Google My Business” Is So Important

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You’re going out to eat. You’re going to a movie. You’re looking for a new lawn mower. Whatever you’re doing as a consumer, you’re looking at reviews online. You’re looking up: who does web design the best, which restaurant is best, which pizza place is best, which donut shop should I pick up these donuts up from, what attorney should I hire, which doctor should I go to? Reviews have become such an important part of most customers buying decisions, that you can’t afford to have negative reviews of your business. You reviews need to be really good on every platform: Google, Facebook, Yelp and much more. Customers are comparing businesses constantly.

It’s important to respond to reviews. The good reviews, the mediocre reviews, and the bad reviews, because customers want to know that you’re trying your best. You should be responding to reviews for the customer’s sake (to keep them happy and to thank them) and you should be responding to reviews for Google’s sake.

      • Benefit for the Customer: Customers go on Google and they see that you are responding to reviews so they see that you’re an active business, you’re responding to positive reviews. But you’re also responding to the neutral ones and the negative ones as well. This is very important. They see you’re not shying away from customers who may be complaining; you’re trying to help your customers. You’re trying to say, “Hey, let’s try to solve your problem and get you taken care of.”
        • If I see two businesses, two taco stands for example, and I’m debating on which one I want to go to for lunch, and they have sort of similar overall online ratings, then I’m going to start looking at the reviews themselves. I’m going to look at the good ones and I’m going to look at the bad ones, and if Taco Stand #1 is responding to the good and the bad, trying to make sure their customers are taken care of, then I feel like my experience at that taco stand, is going to be great. At least, if it’s not, they’re going to try to make it right.
        • If Taco Stand #2 has the same overall online rating, but they haven’t responded to any reviews, bad or good, then I’m kind of wondering if they’re an active business. I don’t know if they’re going to go above and beyond to make sure I’m taken care of, even if I’m not satisfied.
      • Benefit for Google: Secondly, it’s so important to respond to reviews in Google’s eyes. Google looks at it like, “Hey, your business is listed on Google and we’ve provided all these things. You can put your hours and your address and your photos and people can call you and get directions and they can leave you reviews. Are you utilizing it?” If you’re not utilizing it, especially in terms of responding to reviews, then of course Google’s going to look at it like, “Well, should we rank you higher than other businesses? because you don’t care about responding to customers that use our platform.”

How do you respond to Google reviews? Via Google My Business.

The platform that Google uses in order for a business to respond to reviews is called Google My Business (click for link). In fact, you can do a lot more than just respond to reviews. You can claim your business on Google search/maps. Then you can add photos, add your phone number, address, hours, answer questions, respond to reviews, see how many people find your business listing on Google & much more.

Every business owner should get access, if they don’t already, to their business listing within Google My Business! How do you gain access to your business page? Go here to start the process yourself by going to the following link and clicking “Manage Now”:

We even have packages for you to purchase so that we can take care of these things – and much more – for your business!  Our SEO Packages are just one way that we’re helping business grow online. You can even get a free quote on your next project by clicking here. rachel loves to please.