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What are directory websites and why should my business be listed on them?

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Directory websites are sites on the internet that categorize and index businesses and list them on their website. They are essentially review or business listing websites. Common sites include: Yelp, YellowPages, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Foursquare, Trip Advisor, and more.

A question we always get is, “Why do I want my business information added & updated across 50+ directories?” The short answer is because your business information and your website needs to be everywhere. Looking at it from a very simple point of view: You want your name out there online in as many places as possible leading people to your website.

The other big question is, “Why are directory websites like Yellow Pages and so important in regards to my Google ranking?” Google looks at all aspects of your business online. For example, it looks at our business Web Centre and says, “Okay you’re listed correctly on Google but what’s going on across the internet? Is your information the same on Yellow Pages and Yelp and Facebook? Is it all the same as what you’re telling us here on Google? And is your hours the same? Do you have pictures uploaded?”

Basically we’re telling Google, “Hey this is my business, it’s called Web Centre and here we are on a ton of different websites.” And all the information matches, so Google knows you’re a legitimate business and have made an effort to have your information be consistent across the web. Because of that they are likely going to reward your business by ranking you higher in search results in Google.

You have to remember that Google doesn’t know your business. So, if I am a taco stand and my business is called Tacos-R-Us, but the name of my taco stand on Yelp is Tacos-R-Us, Incorporated and then on another one it’s Tacos-ARE-Us Flint. How does Google know for sure that these are the same business?You need to tell Google to rank your business higher because by having this information be the same across the internet because it proves to them that you’re a reputable business that is very active online/

We even have packages for you to purchase so that we can take care of these things – and much more – for your business!  Our SEO Packages are just one way that we’re helping business grow online. You can even get a free quote on your next project by clicking here. rachel loves to please.