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Top 3 Website Optimizations for SEO & Google Ranking You Can Make Today

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Quick changes to your website can have a dramatic effect on your Google ranking – if you know what to look for. We have identified 3 big factors as to why businesses don’t rank as highly as they could be in Google. With these few simple changes to your website, you can grow your business online much faster than you may be now.

  1. Page Titles & Descriptions: This is simply the titles of your pages and the descriptions of each of those pages, that show up in Google when people search.
    • Without properly titling your pages & adding descriptions it can be very hard for customers to find your business amongst your competitors. Your page titles should have your business name, what you do/product you sell, and preferably have your location listed. Your descriptions should do a great job of informing a person who is searching of what is on each of your pages. A good title & description will get customers to click on your website rather than your competitors websites.
  2. Good Content: Good content is so important – arguably the most important piece to your website. As years have gone on, Google has placed more and more emphasis on having good content on your website. The negative part of that is for the last 10 years companies have tried to sell SEO services to businesses. The services they’ve been selling are strategies that aim to mislead Google to rank a business higher or they are simply old tactics that no longer work. But the only real long-term SEO strategy that is guaranteed to pay off is to have good content on your website. Meaning content that customers want to see and read! Good content will always be the king of SEO and Google ranking
  3. SSL Certificate: Over the years, Google has made it more and more important to your ranking that you have an SSL certificate added on your site. This makes your website much more secure. You can get more information about the benefits of and why you need an SSL certificate by going to this link here in our blog. But essentially Google has looked at this as a ranking factor amongst you and your competition. They want a customer to go to a secure website, much more than a non-secure one. So, it can be the edge you need to rank higher than your competitors.

Make these changes to your website today and your business should start to rank higher for your products and services. We even have packages for you to purchase so that we can take care of these things – and much more- for your business!  Our SEO Packages are just one way that we’re helping business grow online. You can even get a free quote on your next project by clicking here. rachel loves to please.