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Shelby’s Workouts

Web Design, E-Commerce

Web Design, E-Commerce Project

Shelby's Workouts

Services Rendered: Web Design, E-Commerce

Shelby Thompson is a former NCAA Division II athlete and was captain of the Women’s SVSU Soccer Team. She also is a pro-qualified bodybuilder and competitive water-skier (Currently ranked #34 in the United States). In addition to her incredible sports resume, she has a massive online following with over 20,000+ people following her on Instagram alone.

Shelby came to us wanting to sell her digital workout plans online. The goal was simple: design these workout plans and sell them to customers for download on her website. So, she wrote out her workout plans and we designed them in a digital format from scratch. Making them easy to follow, visually appealing, and useable on a smartphone (which makes it easy for customers to take the plan to the gym with them). Then we made her a beautiful website to match; where customers can buy the plan, download it to their phone, and start their workout with her guide. They can even login to their account on the website and re-download it if need be. It is truly a website that packs a punch!

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