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Product of Immigrants

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Project Brief: Ever once-in-a-while we get to take part in someone’s passion project. A project that someone has in mind that they want to bring to life. These projects are some of the most fun that Web Centre gets to be a part of. Most people have heard of the website (& book) Humans of New York, which is a site where people from New York share a brief line about life, marriage – anything really. Product of Immigrants is along those similar lines, but it’s about how people’s families ended up coming to America.

Every person has a story about how their family came to America. This website highlights those stories; even our Founder & CEO, Robert Norcross shared his family’s story. When Wei Li Crawford, creator of Product of Immigrants, came to Web Centre she said, “I started this project to remind Americans that we are all products of immigrants and I hope it will illuminate our heritage and eliminate the unknown/fear surrounding immigrants.”

We loved the idea so we immediately began designing the Product of Immigrants website. Wei Li has her own login to the website where she can post new stories from people. When she posts the stories, they automatically go live on the website, giving her full control over her passion project.

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