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Michigan Church of God

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Project Brief: The Church of God is a pentecostal church denomination that has over 6 million members in 180 countries worldwide. In the United States alone, the church organization has over 1 million members. Each state in the U.S. has its own headquarters for the Church of God. For Michigan, that headquarters is Michigan Church of God located in Fenton, Michigan. The Michigan headquarters oversees 100 churches in the State of Michigan.

The Michigan Church of God was the first – yes, first – ever client that Web Centre had. Back in 2009. Given that our company has been their website designer since the beginning of our company history, their site has gone through many different iterations. When we first started with the organization, we simply redesigned the site to make it look better. A year or so later we redesigned it to add blogging capabilities. Two years later we redesigned it to have an updated interactive map of churches.

Today, the website is the best of all the iterations thus far. It has a very modern look and feel, is very mobile-friendly for users, it houses live streams for their church events, has donation forms, and much more. It’s a very advanced website, with great capabilities, which is a must for an organization that oversees 100+ locations.

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