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Mercy Plus Healthcare Services

Web Design, SEO Services

Web Design, SEO Services Project

Mercy Plus Healthcare Services

Services Rendered: Web Design, SEO Services

Mercy Plus is helping an incredible amount of people in Michigan that are autistic, have suffered catastrophic injuries, or who are no longer mobile. The website that they had didn’t convey that great fact and didn’t have a lot of information about what they had to offer. We decided to redesign their entire website and add a lot of content to the site so customers know everything they need to about the services they offer.

Mercy Plus has 4 different services in 4 locations across Michigan. With that size of business and range of services, it was important to convey that on the website. We have dedicated sections designed for all of it, along with a blog, information about careers, and more. We even built in an easy way for patients to request an appointment via the website that goes directly to their staff for scheduling.

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