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“It takes forever to get anything updated or customized!”. That was what Ellen E. Patnaude, Owner & Founder of LeadQuine said to us when we first met. Customer service tends to be a big complaint that our business hears about others in our field. Knowing that, and knowing that their website was a template – and not a customized design – we knew we could provide a lot to LeadQuine.

We started with crafting a beautiful background video that plays immediately when you get to the homepage. Through video content that they had shot with a videographer we were able to piece together an engaging video to play behind the content of their website. Then we made it super easy for their business to get leads through the website from customers.

Ellen said about working with Web Centre, “Very knowledgeable and responsive team! Excellent customer service, going above and beyond. We are absolutely thrilled with our website and look forward to a long partnership!”

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