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Aldridge Trucking Company

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Aldridge Trucking Company

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In business since 1956, Aldridge Trucking Company has established themselves as the name and company of choice when it comes to residential & commercial sand and gravel. When they came to our business, their website was not modern and didn’t functional well on a mobile device. They wanted their brand to be put in a much better light than it was. In fact, their website made them appear to be a very small trucking company.

We designed a brand-new website for them, modernized their logo, and added a ton of website features, including: A calculator to calculate the cost of your sand & gravel project in real-time online. Then we created a bunch of call-to-action spots throughout the site for them to get lead form submissions and phone calls from potential clients. We even included images & descriptions of the specific sand and gravel products that Aldridge Trucking offers to their customers. This is a site where we paid attention to all the details – big and small – to make sure we really displayed the size and scope of their company.

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