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Smart & Affordable I.T. Services

With over 10 years of experience & 3+ Certifications in Network and Information Systems, Web Centre can offer your small business incredible I.T. Services that help keep your business moving.


Never lose another important file again

Can you imagine if you lost all of the data, files, and programs that you have on your computer due to a crash or unforseen event?

That’s why it’s important to backup your computer at all times. That’s also why we back it up – twice. We have onsite and offsite solutions that will help keep your data safe.

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Updating, made easy

We all cringe in fear when we see the inevitable prompt from our computer that “an update is available.” Updating your computer can cause programs to quit working, hardware to be incompatible, and many other things. We help you update your operating systems and make sure that any problems that come from the updates are fixed and your programs & hardware are running smoothly.


Get help with those pesky bugs

A big portion of communication in business is done via email. Did you know that 90% of emails contain malware of some kind? That’s why it’s SO important to have a quality, high-performing antivirus program running on your computer at all times.

Our Antivirus program is top-of-the-line and ensures that your computer runs smoothly without having to deal with any infections – causing delays in work.


Disasters happen – but we have a plan…

A disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a documented process or set of procedures to recover and protect a business IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. Such a plan, ordinarily documented in written form, specifies procedures an organization is to follow in the event of a disaster. These recovery plans are included in a couple of our packages and can ensure that no flood, hurricane – or any other unforeseen event will cause your company to lose its data.


Production, at your finger tips

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a suite of products that can help your business be more productive. Most, if not all businesses, will utilize this every working day.

Office 365 includes:
  • Outlook
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • OneNote
  • + 1 TB of Cloud Storage

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Hear what it’s like to work with us, from businesses like yours

Choosing a web design & digital marketing agency can be tough. Hear from people, just like you, that chose Web Centre for their digital marketing needs.

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Web Centre did a great job of doing some unique things on our website: The ability for people to donate to the campaign, people can sign up to volunteer, we send email updates about the campaign. I think this was the first political site they’ve ever done, and I’ve got political people telling me, that’s one of the nicest websites they’ve ever seen.
Kevin Daley
Politician & Former State Representative
Web Centre does a really great job. They’re budget-conscious. They’re results oriented. I highly recommend them. For me to make a recommendation to somebody I need to be assured that whomever is doing the work for them is going to do a good job, because my reputation’s on the line. I never have a problem recommending Web Centre to businesses.
Paul J. Goyette
Attorney at Law
Web Centre created my website for my Dog Daycare, boarding and grooming business! They surpassed all of my expectations! Went above and beyond, doing more than I asked for and are always available when I send them a message! Highly recommended and I personally won’t go anywhere else!
Michelle Goetz
The Four Paws Hotel & Day Restort


Incredible projects we’ve worked with businesses on

A comprehensive portfolio showcasing web design
projects we’ve worked with local businesses on.

Web Design

Allure Salon & Spa

Web Design


Customer service is central to everything we do

Great customer service is hard to come by. At Web Centre, we place a special focus on providing the best service that we can. That focus has earned us a 5-Star Rating and Customer Service Award in Web Design from City Beat News – an independent research group.

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