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Is Your Website Slow? Why Customers & Google Want It to Be Fast

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Customers in today’s market are getting smarter, growing less patient, and are getting more and more used to convenience. With the average person having 4G LTE service on their smartphone and blazing fast Wi-FI at home, we’ve never had access to everything this quickly. Given how the customer now expects everything to be quick, how quick is your website? If it’s slow, you might actually lose business. In fact, people expect a website to load in 3-4 seconds or less! Meanwhile, the average website today takes anywhere from 15-18 seconds to load for a user. With lightning fast speeds on customer smartphones & computers and an expectation for things to load and move quickly, it’s never been more important than now to have a fast business website.

What the customer wants vs. what they are getting

Is your website slow? Would you stake your business on it? The average website takes about 15-18 seconds to load for customers. Meanwhile, customers expect it to load in 3-4 seconds. Google in fact has weighed in on the issue stating that their benchmark for a fast loading website is 5 seconds and under. That means that Google, the platform that ranks all websites in their search engine, prefers your website to load in that time frame. This makes it very important for a business to meet the standards set by Google.

Recently a survey was done with 800 people. They were asked how long would they wait for a website to load. 59.2% said they would likely leave if they had to wait longer than 6 seconds. 45% of those surveyed further said that they would be less likely to buy from a company with a slow loading website. So, a slow loading website not only can hurt the customer experience when they are on your site, but you might actually lose business because they decide to leave your site for a competitors.


How does this affect SEO & my ranking in Google?

Your website speed can have an affect on your ranking in Google. How? Google wants to rank websites higher that give the customer what they want. If a lot of people are going to your website and they either don’t stay on your site for very long (because it takes too long to load) or they don’t look at a lot of pages, Google doesn’t want to rank you as high. Whereas when a website has faster speeds people tend to stay on your site longer, look at more products & information, and tend to take more actions on your website (like submit a lead or contact you). Google sees all of this as a good sign for a website, thus they will in turn rank your website higher over time.


Case Studies

85% of all websites on the internet take over 6 seconds to load. That means almost every website is WAY too slow in the customers eyes and in Google’s eyes. So what we wanted to do was take 2 customers (3 websites total) and test their speeds when we put them on our brand new UltraFast Hosting service. The results were incredible. 

Dover & Company (E-Commerce & Online Store) []

Dover & Company is a local business in Flint, Michigan who specialize in garage doors, entry doors, and much more. They are a super competitive business that is growing rapidly fast. They needed a website where customers could go online, look for a garage door, and then customize & purchase it. All online without a person involved in the process. Given how large and complex the website was we decided to place them on our new UltraFast Hosting platform. The results were incredible:

    1. Old Hosting Platform: 5.6 Seconds to load the website
    2. UltraFast Hosting platform: 1.9 Seconds to load the website


Nerd News (Online News Publications) []

Nerd News is an online news organization that focuses on a variety of subjects revolving around nerd culture. Whether it’s the latest trends in tech, an upcoming WWE wrestling match, or general happenings in the world of entertainment – Nerd News covers it. Here is a look at how their very large, very image-heavy website did in our test:

  1. Old Hosting Platform: 10.9 Seconds to load the website
  2. UltraFast Hosting platform: 3.2 Seconds to load the website

How can I get started?

In order to let you try it for yourself we will actually run a free test of your website to see just how much faster your website could be with our new UltraFast Hosting platform. But if you’re ready to get your site going faster right away, then you can purchase our UltraFast Hosting right now by clicking here. rachel loves to please.