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How Can Email Marketing (& Email Blasts) Help My Business?

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Email Marketing is designing and sending a marketing email to potential customers – or even current customers. It’s is very simply: marketing to customers via email. Email Marketing is also commonly referred to as sending an “email blast”. While businesses mainly had a lot of success with email marketing years ago, it still can be a great marketing tactic to gain new customers for your business.


Marketing to Current Customers (or Customers in Your Funnel)A great strategy you can use in email marketing is what we call “remarketing”. The strategy is to remarket to your current customer base or customers who are already in your sales funnel. As a business, you likely have a CRM full of customer email addresses, a website that collects leads regularly – and more systems such as this. These are likely people you have interacted with at least once – or customers who have expressed interest in your products and services in the past – thus you’re remarketing your business to them again.


This is the most cost-effective and efficient way to market your business via email. It’s a much more targeted email marketing strategy than if you sent a mass email to a bunch of people who have never been in contact with your business before. It’s sort of like a warmer lead, because the customer is already aware of your business.


Your website: Your website collects leads 24/7 online – and if we built your website we keep all of those customers email addresses in a database. The best thing that we can offer to you as our customer is allowing you to remarket to those customers that have already submitted a lead on your website.

Because of that, we now offer email remarketing services – at a low cost – where we will design and send a marketing email each month to customers that have submitted a lead on your website in the past. It’s a simple strategy, but it’s a very targeted strategy, because we know these customers have interest in your products and services. Email remarketing a great service that is very simple, very cheap, and very cost-effective.


Marketing to New Customers

Our other email marketing strategy is more widely known as the standard in email marketing. This is where we send out email blasts to a large group of potential customers. This email gets sent to thousands of potential customers that are in your area or have interest in your products and services.


This strategy isn’t as targeted as remarketing and can be more of a hit-or-miss strategy, because we don’t know necessarily how customers will respond. Typically open rates of these types of emails can be anywhere from 2%-5% of the total amount of people you send the email to. But much like with any type of marketing or advertising, you always have the potential to reach a large amount of customers but the amount that you actually end up getting any attention from is a lot smaller.


The idea behind these emails is to reach out to potential customers in a way that you haven’t before. They may have heard your radio ad, seen you on Facebook, or found you on Google. But have you sent them something directly to their inbox yet?


The goal of these emails is to inform the customer, “Hey, my business is in your area. Here’s a product or service we provide. Click here to get more details – or to set an appointment – or to click here to contact us.” Whatever it may be, the goal is  to inform them about what you do, who you are, and how you can help them.


The key to these emails is to not be pushy, gimmicky, or cheesy; but rather to simply be informative. You’re also not sending these emails to them very often: once or twice a month. The information also needs to be something beneficial that the customer can take away. Whether it’s knowledge, education, or just a little bit of know-how.


For example: The email should just be something like, “Lease the 2018 GMC Sierra for $199 a month”. Because that’s probably what every car dealership is sending to their customers. Customers are smart – and know they can likely get that price at any dealership. You need to offer that lease on the GMC Sierra, along with other things that may interest them. For example, information on how often they should change their oil, prices on car repair services, who they should talk to if they need assistance or want to buy a vehicle, and much more. That way they are getting more than just a sales pitch.

In Summary

Email Marketing is a great strategy, especially to those customers that have submitted leads to your business on your website in the past. It can help to convert customers on your website better – or to convert some customers that you may have lost in the past. It’s one of the most simple strategies that your business can use to quickly reach out to customers that have already expressed interest in your business – or to completely new customers – informing them about your business. rachel loves to please.